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My lessons are tailored to your level and your needs. We work together on written and oral skills so that you feel at ease in your private and professional life. I encourage my students to provoke situations and discussions in French, and to do this I prepare exercises for them to use in their everyday lives, based on real-life interactions.

"I don't like grammar!
Studying grammar is essential for speaking French, but in my opinion it should be part of a pragmatic objective. In this way, students will be reconciled with grammar because they will understand its usefulness and the situations in which they can use the grammatical point.
The exercises I propose aim to create oral automatisms. I never suggest out-of-context grammar exercises taken from a grammar book.

"How can I improve my oral skills?

This is the question I hear most often from learners. There are many solutions. I help my students to take the plunge!
I design made-to-measure pronunciation exercises that enable them to make rapid progress. Rhythm, tempo and tonal accent are often more important than the pronunciation of the sounds themselves.

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